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Friendship Sms Text Messages / Friendship Quotes

Listing friendship sms messages and quotes for expressing friendship and love to friends.

Seven Letters

7 colors make a rainbow,
7 chords make a music,
7 days make a week,
7 continents make a world
and 7 beautiful letters make us

Nothing can go wrong

I love the way you smile
at me and make me feel
that nothing can go wrong.

Girls Friendship Sms

Diamonds are pretty
and so are pearls
but nothing as gorgeous
as me and my girls.

True Friendship

True Friendship is
like a rose.
We can’t realize it’s beauty
until it fades

Things sometimes must fade

Do not watch the petals fall from the
rose with sadness,
know that, like life, things sometimes
must fade..
before they can bloom again.

Happy Friendship Day

True Friendship is like
a rose
We can’t realize its beauty until
it fades
Happy Friendship Day!

Lucky Friend

Many times you support me,
you encourage me,
you fight for me……
Love you and I wish our
Friendship remains the same!!
I am lucky to have a
like you!

You’re my friend

I am so proud of all
you have accomplished
but i am more proud
that you are my

Happy Friends Day!

Friendship SMS: I miss you

Missing you is my Hobby
Caring 4 you, is my Job
Making you happy, is my Dream
Praying 4 you, is my Duty


To keep friendship with you,
is my Choice