I love Pandas

I love Pandas.
They’re not RACISTS.
They are black, and
white, and Asian.

Mega best friends

Lets be something more than friends.
What, best friends?
No, I mean something more than that.
Mega best friends?

The ugly one is winning

Me: Hello 911
Operator: Yes, whats your emergency?
Me: Two girls are fighting for me
Operator: What is the problem with it?
Me: The ugly one is winning

Funny Sms : Cricketer

Who was the first Indian cricketer
To Become captain in his first match,
score century in the same match
and hit a 6 of the last ball to defeat England?

Funny SMS – Ugly Monster

A boy came running in the kitchen,
Boy: Dad, There is an ugly monster at the door
Dad (Looking at his wife):
Tell him we have already got one!

Funny SMS: Failed exam

Question: What did the gangster’s son
tell his dad when he failed his exam?

Answer: Dad, they questioned me for 3 hours
but I never told them anything.

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