Birthday Wishes For Niece

Dear Niece
Surely there is no other niece
who is adored as much as you
So this message brings with it
so much love
It’ll last a lifetime through

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Dear!

All things bright and beautiful
All things good and true,
All things fine and wonderful,
All these are wished for you
on your birthday and Always.
Happy Birthday Dear!

Once in a year

A day in many, that comes once a year,
a day of celebrations and joys
that are most dear,
and since it your birthday…

Birthday Wishes for Mom

Birthday Greetings,
filled with Love and blessings
You have been such a loving approach to life,
with a warm, gentle spirit that makes
everyone around you feel special.
That’s a wonderful gift,
one that makes you a blessing
in this world.
Have a nice time!

Birthday Greetings for Dad

I have grown up with..
the wisdom of your words,
the cheerfulness of your laughter,
the strength of your mind
the warmth of your Love…
Thank you for all that you’ve been
You have inspired the Best in me!

Happy Birthday!

Cute Birthday Greetings

Hope these flowers spread
their fragrance to your days
The colors enrich your life
and the dewdrops softens
your ways

Happy Birthday!

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