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Listing sad sms messages and quotes.

She just smiles

She hurts and she
cries, but you can’t
see the depression
in her eyes, because
she just smiles

Real loss only occurs..

Real loss only occurs
when you lose something
that you love
more than yourself.

Trying to forget

Trying to forget
someone you love
is like trying to
remember someone
you never knew.

There are no good-byes

There are no good-byes,
where ever we are,
you’ll always be in my heart!

I tried, you lied, I cried

over and over
I tried
and over and over
you lied
and over and over
I cried

and I don’t know why..

Sad Sms: I was remembering you

I thought of you today as I often do,
I wanted to let you know,
I was remembering you.