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Tough Times Will Go!

It might be a little
tough right now…
but Hey!

I know you’ve got it in you
to make it through

Smiles To Encourage!

I am sending you
a little bit of sunshine…
while lot of hugs…
and a bunch of flowers.
Keep smiling

Never Give up

No matter how harsh the
world becomes..
Never give up..
Don’t ever back down
and keep
walking towards your goal.

You can do it…
Believe in yourself..
Because I believe in you

Outshine and Triumph

As you focus your Ambitions and Dreams,
as you work and make efforts,
Always know that I am here with you,
Believing and trusting in you,
Because I am sure that
you will outshine and triumph

Have a nice day!

Inspirational SMS – Dream Big

Every Ruler was once a crying baby
Every tall building was once an idea.
It’s not important where you are Right Now,
where you will reach Tomorrow is very important.