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Featuring birthday wishes for kids, teenage, and adults birthday.

Two words for you on your Birthday

It’s your BIG DAY,
and I have just
TWO WORDS to say to you-
LOOKIN’ GOOD! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

I often find myself
thinking of the many ways
you bring joy to others
with an encouraging word,
a helping hand,
or a smile that’s always bright…

I often find myself
thinking how lucky I am
to have a friend
who’s as wonderful as you

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

How to Live Well
Birthday Advice for A Wonderful Granddaughter

May you keep getting
to know yourself better-
and keep loving what you discover.

May you never stop
learning, growing, dreaming

Happy Birthday!!

Romantic Birthday wishes for Her

I just want you to know
you’re being thought about
and wished the very best
of everything
especially on your birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Birthday blessings for friends

God measures time not by years
but by worthwhile things you do,
so each new birthday, as it comes,
should only mean to you
more time you’ve loved and served Him,
more goals that you’ve achieved,
more reasons to be thankful
for the blessings you’ve received.

Have Fun, Relax, Enjoy

Wishing you all the smiles
and happy moments
that you deserve
on your special day!
Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday thoughts for you

Your birthday is a time to
dream of a bright new future
that brings into your life
all the things you desire!

Wishing you a very happy Birthday!

Wishing you a happy

Wishing you a happy
and prosperous birthday
and a sweet night of
birthday dreams.

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

That’s what my world
has become with you!
On this special day..
sending you all my love
to wish you happiness
today and always…